Free Breakfast!*

At Housemartin  Guest House in Klerksdorp.

We want to give back to the community we operate in. Rather than just donate money, we want to take that money that we would have donated and turn it into something more meaningful. We specialize in making breakfast, so we are taking the money that we would have donated, to buy food to make breakfasts with and advertise to the community a free breakfast, but ask a donation towards charity, that will be given to charity, in total. In other words, we do not want to make a profit on it. We just sponsor the breakfasts and hopefully we will end up giving more to charity than we would have. We anticipate a slow start, but that it will pick-up speed as the project grows and more value is linked into it.

So, to start off with, we will keep it simple, just with breakfast that you can book at specific sitting times of an hour each. We can sit about 20 people per sitting and will start from 7AM in the morning, until about 9AM, or as the demand lead us. In the beginning, it will be the last Tuesday of every month. As it grows and if we can get co-sponsors, we could increase the frequency, depending also on popularity and demand.

Breakfast Menu.

Typical Breakfast
Typical Breakfast

Everything you see here:

Eggs to your taste
Mushrooms with Feta


Reservations is essential. We must be able to do proper planing. Reservations will close on the Monday before, at 2PM. Reservations must be time specific, slotted into the different sitting times of 7AM, 8AM, 9AM. Each reservation can be for 20 people maximum.


Donations can be given on arrival and we ask for a minimum donation of R50 p/p. More if you can. We sell these breakfasts to our guests for R80 p/p.


Our cost on a breakfast is more than R50 pp, but we will round it down to R50. Our amount that we will donate, is R1000 per month, which means we must limit the amount of people to 20, until such time as more sponsors get involved and the event gathers popularity.

The Charity

We want to support THE silent SCREAM group, as on Face book. You are welcome to go join the group yourself and see what they are all about.

*Conditions apply as set out in article.