Free WiFi

LapTop in room 4
Free WiFi

For your convenience you have free WiFi Internet access in all the rooms at Housemartin Guest House.
Use it for normal Internet, App’s and Email use, like browsing the Internet, Social Media and be in touch with the office via email.


Your allocated use per day is 1GB, split into 500MB upload and 500MB download.
This is more than enough for normal usage as described above and no-one had to buy extra bandwidth ever, but it is possible and available.


During check-in, you get your user name and password, at Reception, which you can use anywhere on the property.
You scan for the strongest signal AP (Access Point), which is an open AP. You connect to this AP and start your browser.

HMAP1 Strongest Signal on open AP Room 1 to 5
AP1 Strength
AP1 Signal Strength in room 1 to 5


Once you try to access the Internet, your browser will block it with a message to input your user name and password.

MikroTik Login Screen
MikroTik Login Screen


You now have Internet access, via our Mikrotik Hotspot. All your Internet applications will have Internet access.

MikroTik Hotspot Software
MikroTik Hotspot Software



Your usage is monitored by Mikrotik software, who will advise you when your limit is reached.